Poetry Publications


Denver Quarterly: Into the ruins

Court Green: America Takes A Seat

Marlboro Review: Revelation

The Avalon Literary Review: April Heat Wave

Heartlands: Art

Indefinite Space: keeping the window open and We are the crazies

VIMFIRE Magazine: Aaron/Erin and Folly

West Trade Review: The Table and Ghost Baby 

San Pedro River Review: Memory 

Poems For All: The Heart Factory

Five 2 One Magazine: An Ordinary Girl Meets a Man Living in a Tree

Prick of the Spindle: How People Fall Off the Earth

WomenArts Quarterly Journal: Meditation While Peeling Oranges

Dying Dahlia Review: Banshee Woman

Fourteen Hills: Hotel Living

Boulevard: Dirty Words

The Massachusetts Review: What the Masseuse Finds in the Backyard

SLANT: Finishing the Novel (forthcoming)


BlazeVOX: Within, Thirst, and Always the Ocean

Pulse Literary Journal: C-H-A-R-L-E-S

Combatives (with Erin M. Bertram) Vol.1, #3

Admit Two (with Erin M. Bertram): Rockface: Sestina, Exhaling On A French Night, and Yes, Matthew, There Is A Source

Blue Lake Review: The Garden Memory

Bluestem: Dreaming the Death 

Crack the Spine: Taxidermy

Ishaan Literary Review: Battlefield, Tide and Leda’s Repression

Poetry Super Highway: You Can’t Call The Dead and Triglycerides

The Lake: Distorted Memory and The Week After Your Death

Penwheel.lit: Move

Burningword Literary Journal: To the Panhandlers of Northern Virginia

Red Savina Review: No Oasis for Victims, Monsters, and Bipolar for Couples 

Thirteen Myna Birds: The Moment and XX 

Stirring: The Stitching 

Silver Birch Press, Me as a Child Series: The Red Slide

Rogue Agent: Stones

Tinderbox Poetry Journal: Code 296.40 and Better For Storms

The Bleeding Lion: Cooking In The Night 

Red Paint Hill Poetry Journal: Abortion Lament 

Yellow Chair Review: You Can’t Paint the Moon

Alyss: War for Dinner 

Hermeneutic Chaos: Strange Domesticity

Moss Trill: womb walker, Holes, and Women 

Thank You For Swallowing: [    ] Culture

Melancholy Hyperbole: Egyptian Sorrow and Marriage on a Bad Day

Prong & Posy: Skin Tales 

The Riveter Review: To My Rapist

If and Only If: Documentation (forthcoming)

The Fem: A Party Girl Meets the Elephant

Flapperhouse: A Fan Girl Meets David Bowie

Anti-Heroin Chic: What the River Took, A Young Girl Meets Her Older Self, Frightened Girl in the Circus, and Family 

Drunk Monkeys: He Kills Butterflies

Fourth & Sycamore: PTSD and Visitation 

Narrative Northeast: A Hurricane We Rarely See 

Sheila Na Gig: We Were Birds and The Warmest Christmas

Luna Luna Magazine: Depression On A Good Day, Some Nights, 2016, Landscape Of Youth, Knee Again, and Mechanical Motions Of Popping a Kneecap Back In Place 

Wherewithal: Underwater Reversal

The Basil O’Flaherty: A 25 Year Old Girl Meets a Cat-Calling Man 

Window Cat Press: A Girl Raids Her Wardrobe and A Lonely Wife Discovers A Trashy Girl 

Entropy, Bird Poems: 4 poems

Yes Poetry: Why They Voted

Killjoy: What Didn’t Make It Back Into the Woods

Rag Queen Periodical: Wendy Cuts a Melon, Wendy Risks Becoming An End Table, Don’t Let the Patriarchy Get You Down, Wet, The One Where I Change the End

Silver Birch Press, Me, at 17 Series: Strange Relationship

Riot Felice: When Larry Couldn’t Climb the Tree 

District Lit, disability special: The One Where He Tells Me He’s Retiring

Construction Lit Mag: The Years Stack Against Us

Cheat River Review: April’s Burial

Crab Fat Magazine: Bear Violence

Rabid Oak: Disco Nap Dream, Embers In My Mind Steal All Away, and The Dissection

Bad Pony: I Feel Stupid and Contagious 

Ovenbird Poetry: Trying To Find a Marriage Counselor 

Dream Pop: Stigma Belly

The Poeming Pigeon: Who Is Safe When The Gun Goes Off

Menacing Hedge: Milk Boy Carves a Glance From Glass, Mothers become mothers become mothers, Patella People

Blanket Sea Magazine: Doctor Dream, 1720

Pithead Chapel: Temporary in a Dark Purple Subaru 

Gone Lawn: Becoming, Hearing Pearl Jam’s Ten for the 115th Time, Zen Happens 

Sorority Mansion: Knees at Large

Bold + Italic: Tibetan Prayer Flags

GASHER Journal: Traffic Girl Starts To Suspect

Rag Queen Periodical: #24

Birds Piled Loosely: Elliott Smith Stops for Cigarettes Along the Beach

Bone & Ink Press: Traffic Girl Laments

Random Sample: #50

Rogue Agent: Fear Bone

Rockvale Review: Eulogy in the Dark 

Voices of Eve: Soft Voices and Memory Watches (forthcoming)

Arcturus: The One Where Wifey Understands

Pink Plastic House: Plastic Soul Done Right

Fabulist Magazine: They Speak

Call Me [Brackets]: Pounding the Hammer Against What May Live and West Point

HOOT: Through Thin Walls

Biscuit Road Drive: When Place is What You Once Held Loose and American Mother

Ghost Bible: Church Bones and Haunting Me 

South Broadway Ghost Society: The Hands That Caught Me

Across the Social Distances: Outbreak or Breakout

Can we have our ball back? (with Jennifer MacBain-Stephens): Here’s a Lesson for Little Girls

Arlington Public Library Quaranzine, Issue #3: Mask or No Mask

Blood Tree Literature: Ode to Hole’s Live Through This (forthcoming)

Coffin Bell Journal: Departure 

Global Poemic: Ode to COVID-19 

Birdcoat Quarterly: How to Get Close to Jack White (forthcoming)

Whale Road Review: Trying to Forget Over a Bowl of Vegetable Soup

The Shore: Her Hair is Full of Crickets

Pangyrus: Ventilators in Demand

perhappened mag: Neil Young Gives Me Heart Palpitations in the Living Room 

New South: The Pope Sits Down to Dinner (forthcoming)

Across the Margin: The Weeping Woman Always Waits, Hurry Sweet Violence, and Ways I Drown

BigCity Lit: Jorge Mario Bergoglio Erased (forthcoming)

OyeDrum: American Peep Show (forthcoming)

Willawaw: Hominidae or Homo Sapiens

Lumiere Review: Weighing In

They Call Us: God as Boss

Exhume: Moments in the Townhouse (forthcoming)

Pine Hills Review: It’s Finally Spring (forthcoming)

Tiny Spoon (with Jennifer MacBain-Stephens): Message (forthcoming)


Here, Hunger (with Erin M. Bertram) (NeoPepper Press, 2007)

What Becomes Within (ELJ Publications, 2014)

The Heart Factory (Black Cat Moon Press, 2016)

GIRL (Dancing Girl Press, 2017)

Thirsty Bones (Blood Pudding Press, 2017) 

Traffic Girl Micro-Chapbook (Ghost City Press, 2020)


Dirty Words (forthcoming from Indie Blu(e) Publishing, 2021)


Crack the Spine Winter 2014 Anthology

Wood Becomes Bone Collection: A Mental Health Awareness Series 

Lucid Moose, Like A Girl: Perspectives on Feminine Identity: War for Dinner 

Hysteria Anthology: womb walker (forthcoming)

Paper Swans Press, The Chronicles of Eve: Superstition

Unrequited: An Anthology of Love Poems about Inanimate Objects: Ode to Cigarettes and The Patio

White Stag, Neogoddesses: Home Lament, Things I Don’t Tell My Shrink, and Down By The Water

Dead Cat Anthology: Sapphire, April Gone

Come As You Are (ELJ Publications, 90s anthology): Thelma & Louise & Me

A Shadow Map Anthology (Civil Coping Mechanisms): Boys, What Have You Done to Me and My Value as a Teenage Girl 

They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, Black Lawrence Press, co-authored with Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

Written in Arlington anthology: Ode to Fairlington and My Son Tells Me About Lockdown Drills at Abingdon Elementary


MadHat Drive-By Book Reviews: Lynn Strongin’s The Burn Poems 

The Jewish Chronicle: Judith Robinson reviews my poem, Old Gold

Gazing Grain Press: Sarah Marcus-Donelly reviews my chapbook, GIRL

Agape Editions: Jennifer Mac-Bain Stephens reviews my chapbook, GIRL


First Place in the Bettendorf Public Library’s Mysteries of the Ordinary Poetry Prize judged by Robert Pinsky (2000)

Finalist in the 2006 Arlington Reads Poetry Contest: At the Holiday Inn

Two poems nominated for Best of the Net 2015 by Red Savina Review

Tied with others for 5th place in Poetry Super Highway’s 2015 contest: At the Holiday Inn

Finalist in Dirty Chai’s 2016 Chapbook Contest

Nominated for 2016 Pushcart Prize by Black Cat Moon Press

Tied with others for 6th place in Poetry Super Highway’s 2016 contest: Old Gold

Finalist in Eggtooth Edition’s 2017 Poetry Chapbook Contest

Honorable mention in Arlington, VA’s 2017 Moving Words Contest

Semi-finalist in Black Lawrence Press’s 2017 St. Lawrence Book Award

Wigleaf Long List for “Becoming” in Gone Lawn, Summer 2018

Best of the Net nomination by Rockvale Review for “Eulogy in the Dark,” Fall 2018

Best of the Net nomination by Arcturus for “The One Where Wifey Understands,” Fall 2020

Semi-finalist for “Dirty Words” manuscript for Sundress Publications, 2020


I once had a poem on the Blue Cat menu in Rock Island, IL

Rogue Agent: I Feel Empowered When I Wear

Rogue Agent: Where I Create

Lament for the Dead Project: Jonathan Sanders

Tupelo Press 30/30 February 2020 Participant 

Judged student creative writing contest for Northwestern State University, March 2021


Under The Sign Of The Bear Reading Series, September 26, 2015 with Lesley Mcilroy, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, and Sarah Winn in Pittsburgh, PA

Unrequited Love Book Release, June 17, 2016 at Upshur Books in Washington, DC

Reading for Northwestern State University (upcoming April 15, 2021)


So To Speak–Reader during 2006 for one semester of GMU MFA program

ELJ Publications–Assistant editor during some of 2014, all of 2015